pagePhotoLiving in a new country can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Before applying for a homestay, please read the information carefully to be sure that what we offer will suit you.

1. Read about ABODE Homestays

When? Right now

Details - Read all of the information in this web site to be sure our program is right for you. You are responsible for understanding all the details of the site, including the Homestay agreement. Then, decide whether you want the Traditional Homestay or the Bed & Breakfast Homestay.

If you have questions, please Contact Us.

2. Apply for a homestay

When? At least one month before you plan to arrive. The earlier, the better.

Details - Complete the online application carefully and completely. The more information you give us, the better the placement we can make for you. Read the homestay agreement contained within the homestay application, carefully. You will receive confirmation that we have received your application. Applications will not be processed for placement without payment of the application/placement fees and deposit. Late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis, and you may have to stay in a hotel (at your own expense) if you apply too late.

3. Learn about your homestay hosts

When? Usually, two to three weeks before your arrival or the start of the school quarter.

Details - We will send you the biographical data about your homestay hosts. You are welcome to contact your hosts directly by email or phone prior to your arrival. If you are in the area, usually, you may have an opportunity to visit them before you move in. During that meeting, please ask questions to make sure that you will be comfortable in their home.

4. Plan your arrival

When? We ask ALL homestay applicants to please make sure to give us your confirmed and complete arrival details at least seven business days before your arrival. The earlier you confirm your arrival plans the better. If you are arranging your own transportation to the homestay upon your arrival, please make sure to communicate your detailed plans both to ABODE and your host so that your host will be home to welcome you. Please note that hosts are not at home all the time so if you do not communicate your detailed arrival plans, your host may not be home to welcome you and you may be left outside waiting for the host to arrive at home

Details - Airport pickup arrangements through ABODE can be done only if the homestay applicant is arriving alone. Please send your complete and confirmed arrival details at least seven business days before arrival. If there are any changes in your flight, or if you miss your flight to Seattle, notify ABODE as soon as possible by calling the ABODE office during business hours of 9:30AM - 4:30PM Monday thru Friday or for outside of office hours, call the emergency number given to you on the placement email we send you. If there is no answer, please leave a detailed message with your name and your host family's name (do not email last minute changes). Please read all emails and attachments from ABODE carefully regarding airport pickups.

5. Move into your homestay

When? Upon your arrival or on the date you requested

Details - When you move into your homestay, it is your responsibility to contact ABODE if you have any questions, concerns, or problems.

Important: If you request to move because you are not comfortable with your host, ABODE will first try to mediate the situation and see if it can be improved or resolved. If the situation does not improve or cannot be resolved then ABODE will work on finding you a different homestay at no extra charge during the first academic quarter or first three months of your homestay. After the first academic quarter or first three months of the homestay, you will need to pay a reapplication fee. We wish to afford the chance to have the host and student try to improve or resolve the situation if possible before making any homestay changes to have the least amount of disruption. If you will be attending a school on the academic quarter system, we ask that you stay in our homestay program for a minimum of one academic quarter or about three months. If you plan to move to an apartment within your first three months, please do not choose the ABODE homestay program. If you decide to cancel your homestay and move to an apartment in the first 30 days, please read our cancellation policy.

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