Homestay hostsApplication / Placement Fee (non-refundable)

ABODE charges an application/placement fee. This fee covers the services that we perform throughout the homestay guest's stay in an ABODE homestay. These services include the following:

The application/placement fee is nonrefundable, except in the case of a visa denial (please refer to the online application for further information). In the event of a visa denial, you must provide proof of the denial for a visa to study in the United States. No homesstay application will be processed without payment of the application/placement fee.

Deposit (non-refundable)

A $100 non-refundable deposit is due with the non-refundable application/placement fee. This deposit is used as a cancellation fee for the host if the homestay guest cancels less than two weeks before arriving. If the homestay guest arrives in the homestay as planned, the $100 is paid to the host as a partial payment of the first month's homestay fee. The homestay guest is then responsible to pay the balance of the first month homestay fee to the host directly.

Monthly Homestay Payment

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing below is for homestay guests applying for long-term homestay only - at least one academic quarter.
(Please contact ABODE for short term programs and group pricing rates.)

CURRENT PRICING (Pricing may be subject to change with advanced notice)

Fee (Pricing may be subject to change) All Schools
ABODE placement fee (non-refundable) ($350.00)       
($425 for minors)
Deposit (non-refundable)
(applied toward first month's homestay fee)
(sent with application)
($525 for minors)

Airport pickup fee (non-refundable)
(OPTIONAL-advanced request only by at least 7 business days)


Traditional Homestay
(per month)
  Nightly Rates
Nightly rate
Nightly vacation rate $17.26

Bed & Breakfast Homestay
(per month)
  Nightly Rates
Nightly rate
Nightly vacation rate $12.82

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